Blind Date HW
Sommersby HW
Finalist HW
Vimeo HW
Vogue HW
Dante HW
D'Grayson HW
in alphabetical Order
2 Late_32
2 Late_31
2 Late_30
2 Late_29
2 Late_28
2 Late_27
2 late_26
2 late_25
2 Late_24
2 Late_23
2 Late_22
2 Late_21
2 Late_20
2 Late_19
2 Late_18
2 Late_17
2 Late_16
2 Late_15
2 Late_ 14
2 Late_13
2 Late_ 12
2 Late_ 11
2 Late_10
2 Late_9
2 Late_8
2 Late_7
2 Late_ 6
2 Late_5
2 Late_ 4
2 Late_ 3
2 Late_ 2
2 Late_1



Blind Date HW Small FEI prospect, amazing gaits and just stunning to look at, already at 2nd level!

Collage.jpeg (117129 bytes)


Sommersby HW Flashy FEI candidate with chrome, charm and loads of potential, at 2nd level already!

Collage.jpeg (129208 bytes)



Finalist HW Superb future FEI star, flying changes, he is the full package, already at 3rd level!

collage.JPG (115579 bytes)


Vimeo HW Fun FEI candidate, fancy, fancy, fancy, one to remember.

Collage.JPG (111504 bytes)


Vogue HW Fantastic FEI prospect, wow - what a beauty with stunning movement, stellar expression and already at 2nd level!

Collage.JPG (138571 bytes)


Dante HW


Black pearl with 4 white socks, fancy, superb future FEI star, already at 2nd level!

Collage.jpeg (87399 bytes)


D'Grayson HW Reliable, FEI candidate, well balanced & fancy mover! He's as sweet as can be!

Collage.JPG (120643 bytes)



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