HWfarm Horses Keep Breaking Records and Collecting Victories World Wide! 

HWfarm is a name synonymous with quality and in the tradition of classic German breeding practice, HWfarm's horses continue to excel in modern equine sport world wide. International victories keep coming from Selten HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold), he was out and about to win his first time out at Intermediare I, as well as his first outing in Grand Prix in the UK. Selten HW’s Grand Pix debut with a 75.05% was a big attraction and Linda Whetstone, judging on the three quarter line, commented “The horse's expression, paces and way of going are of star quality.” and Sally Merrison added “It’s a privilege to judge them and the partnership between horse and rider is lovely to see”! Anders Dahl and his partner keep dancing their way to victory and Anders reports that Selten HW is probably the best horse he has ever had and ridden. The pair has become quite an amazing team and are definitely a team to watch as they continue to dominate on the European Dressage circuit.

Selten HW and Denmark's Anders Dahl, warming up at the horse show.

Here in the States, Selten HW’s younger full brother SkyWalker HW, also bred by Irene, has made his way up the levels as well, now the proud owner of an Intermediare I Championship title, with his owner Catherine Reid, scoring as high as 72.7%! At the Golden State Dressage Festival in California, the High Point of the entire show, a 82.2%, went to Sir Niro HW, aka Sotto Voce, with Jennifer Schrader-Williams in the saddle. The pair also won the FEI 5-year-old class, with a score of 8.2, making owner Heidi Schneller-Cook very proud, she says "He is a Diamond! One very special horse! Thank you Irene!!". There were other www.HWfarm.com horses as well and they did fantastic, winning their classes, collecting ribbons, scoring beautifully. ShowMaster HW, aka Sueño Hit, won both Developing Prix St Georges classes scoring over 70%, owned by Rachel Saavedra Dressage. El Capitano HW, now known as Elysian or Ely, placed 3rd at FEI Prix St Georges and 5th at his first outing in the FEI Intermediate I, owned by Tracey Lert and Sugarland HW, winning two 4th level classes and placing 4th at Developing Prix St Georges, owned by Lynn Welge.

Regularly updated show results and more info can be found on several pages of the News Flash section at www.HWfarm.com. You can also find several pages of Testimonials from owners and trainers that are thrilled with their partners purchased from www.HWfarm.com! A 5 star review of HWfarm was given by Carol McPhee, her Fendi HW won both of his classes, first time out, shortly after import and she wrote: "5 stars for Irene and her team in Germany. They deserve the highest regards to their breeding, raising, training and selling amazing horses. Purchasing a horse of their value sight unseen was a bit skeptical but once the process started I was immediately at ease. Irene provided complete medical records for my vet to review and history of Fendi HW to allow me to make the best decision ever to purchase him. Irene kept me up to date on his complete travels from Germany into the US. She has continued to keep in contact with me and Fendi HW and has been there for me 24/7, literally, to answer any questions I have had. Fendi HW is everything and more than they advertised. His elegance and fanciness is a product of such professional and successful training from Irene's team in Germany. I will not hesitate to make my 2nd purchase from HW Farm and highly recommend anyone that wants the full package (select bloodlines, elegant correct confirmations, sane well-mannered dispositions, and stellar training) to purchase one of their beautiful horses sight unseen. Keep up the great work Irene and thank you for Fendi HW. He is loved to eternity and back."

More and more HW horses are present in the US and all over the world. Nancy Smith just welcomed her 3rd HW horse, Lord Lennox HW and he is a welcomed addition to the wonderful Damon’s Design HW and Hudson HW! They winter in Florida right now and she reports, the horses are her true loves and they make all her dreams come true.

Lord Lennox HW and Nancy Smith

There are too many HW horses, victories and ribbons to count and name them all - right now, but another great impression came from Fifty Shades HW, competing successfully at 4th level, also known as Finley, who is wonderfully ridden by Janine Little, owned by Shawneen Jacobs, scoring 9’s and 10’s already. Festival HW, loved by Donna Gatchell and his owner Karen Kerchner Baillie, is already successfully competing at 4th level and continues to collect an amazing amount of ribbons again, and like every show, year after year, more victories, championships and more. They write "HW horses are the best and thank you for this wonderful horse".

Dr. Amanda Apesos says, "Bentley HW won the USDF Region 7 Training level Adult Amateur championship class and he is the horse of her lifetime". This is what www.HWfarm.com stands for - happy horses, happy customers! Success all around, due to very careful selections and breeding, consequent handling, training and hard work, over many years of raising and bringing these kids along for their new mommies and daddies.

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Image Gallery

Fifty Shades HW - Westphalian gelding  Bundes Championship Winner (Fidertanz / Ehrentusch) Golden Sate Dressage Festival High Point Score Report for Sir Niro HW - Westphalian gelding (Sir Donnerhall / De Niro) SkyWalker HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) ShowMaster HW - Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit / Relevant / Donnerhall / Pik Bube)
SkyWalker HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Lord Lennox HW and Nancy Smith - Rhineland gelding ( Lord Loxley / Rocket Star) ShowMaster HW - Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit / Relevant / Donnerhall / Pik Bube) Fendi HW - Westphalian gelding (Floviono / Ferragamo)
Selten HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Andreas Dahl  Selten HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Some of Festival Hw's many ribbons Tracy Lert El Capitano HW - Hanoverian gelding ( Earl / Wolkentanz)

HWfarm Produces Happy Horses and Clients Worldwide!

Happy customers and horses, are just some of the main goals for Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HWfarm. To find, or breed and raise these fancy but vulnerable creatures, is not only a 24/7 job, it’s a lifestyle. With every new young stallion and everything that’s trendy, US riders often get their information via friends or the internet about an up and coming stallion (also older stallions) and what they produce, but this does not often mirror what the truth at the licensing and keurings holds. It’s truly important, to have the right information, to know what to breed and what to buy, to have the basic foundation to build on, for a future, successful and rideable sport horse, that is supposed to be fun for his rider. Also keep in mind, that “even professionals” prefer a good brain and rideable horse, which only makes sense. We see a new trend for the fancy, often "hotter" bloodlines being introduced more and more into Germany to mix up the good old German bloodlines and foundations. Take it with a grain of salt and a lot of thought, that adding that kind of “fancy” also means, that the average US rider, and even the average European rider, might not be able to ride this kind of horse, let alone compete with it.

Clooney HW, black Westphalian gelding, by Christ/Ferragamo, born in 2012, standing approximately 167 cm or 16.1 hands.

Time will tell and people will learn that it is usually a good idea to stick to the roots. There is nothing more proven and more reliable than the good old German Warmblood. Whether it be Hanoverian, Rhineland, Westphalian or Oldenburg, the old proven lines, with super strong mare lines are usually the way to go. These mare lines are often not found on the internet, thus hard to track for US riders, as the internet is not nearly as common in Germany as it is in the US. Only a lot of footwork like going to stallion shows, mare shows, foal shows, licensing, keurings and more, as well as connections and the inside knowledge what mares have produced in the past, including licensed stallions and other successful offspring, can truly tell, what’s going on. Luckily for HWfarm, we have the knowledge and team to keep us on our toes, always informed and making smart decisions for the future, it’s also a main ingredient of the many years of our success. With this knowledge, many victories and new goals have been reached, making history and achieving the near impossible, including but not limited to: 3 consecutive years Young Horse Champion titles, Triple Crown and Horse of the Year title, as well as many top ranking horses all over the world.

Fine Magic HW, bay Westphalian gelding, by Fineliner/ Dimension born in 2011, standing approximately 169 cm or 16.2 hands.

Our horses are selected or bred, with the strict goal to make their future owner as happy as possible! Only when all criteria is fulfilled, we will then put the time and effort into the prospect, putting in several years of raising and training, with correct feed, turnout, socialization, consistent and quality farrier work from foal age on, hot walker, pasture time and more. It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a “village” to consistently produce/find and offer the finest and most willing riding horses ever. HWfarm has a stellar reputation with pages and pages of testimonials and newsflash sites, go check them out and also check out the many sold pages, you might recognize the one or other sold horse, his/her rider/trainer and/or owner. With the success of HWfarm's program, it is a common occurrence that horses usually sell site unseen! If you are looking for your next dream horse, please contact Irene at Irene@HWfarm.com and she will be happy to help.

Walk On Top II HW, chestnut Hanoverian gelding by Wolkentanz I/WanderburschII/Bolero, born 2009, standing approximately 172 cm or 16.3 hands.

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USDF Connection publishes the following article:

“Behind The Scenes: Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, HorseSales LLC” 

USDF Connection April 2015

United States Dressage Federation

 A short interview with a breeder and seller.

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HW Farms Horses Continue to Excel Worldwide!

Every year, U.S. breeder Irene Wiederhold of Horses Worldwide (HWfarm) in Cape Coral, FL. uses her special touch to help every type of rider, from amateurs to professionals, find that perfect partner to take them to the top of their game! With so many satisfied clients, Irene is fortunate to hear often from owners about the great successes and accomplishments of the horses that she has carefully raised and imported. HWfarm horses just keep collecting the ribbons, results and victories to accomplish record breaking results. With so many to name, it is without a doubt, that one of the biggest accomplishments was achieved by three times Young Horse Champion Selten HW, bred in the U.S., by HWfarm. Ridden by Anders Dahl, Selten HW was named HORSE OF THE YEAR, in the battle of the unbeatables.

Selten HW pictured with breeder Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold Winner of the Markel/USEF National Six-Year-Old Young Dressage Horse Championship (Photo Fire and Earth Photography)

A truly exciting event, the battle between Selten HW and World five- and six-year-old Champion Woodlander Farouche was eagerly awaited, given their status as two of the hottest young prospects in world dressage, both being internationally undefeated in 2014, qualified for the Mount St. John Future Elite Championship, Horse of the Year Show. Eight of Britain’s emerging equine super stars, all aged seven to ten, came together at the Elite Championship for an Intermediare-I freestyle competition-come-battle, to decide who would become king or queen of the youngsters.

When Selten HW entered the arena, he immediately commanded the attention of the crowd and showed the Horse Of the Year Show audience, why they had been unbeatable all season in 2014. Their music certainly gave the feeling that they were going to war.

Dramatic, yet rhythmical, percussion combined with emotional string and brass segments encapsulated the big black gelding perfectly, showing he is a horse of sheer power. Scoring a jaw-dropping 79.20%, the impressive duo took the lead away from the previous riders and stayed undefeated all the way to the end.

Selten HW, might well be the only US bred horse to have achieved this victory and to collected this title.

Selten HW and Elizabeth Ball Win the 2009 U.S. Young Horse Championships (Photo © Mary Phelps)

Many other HWfarm horses brought in the ribbons, victories, high point awards, year end awards and more, way too many to name them all! You can find out more about success stories of HWfarms horses reading the testimonials and/or newsflashes on www.HWfarm.com.

Here are some examples of happy customers, most of whom bought their horses sight unseen from HWfarm and with huge achievements.

Final Awards Standings from happy clients:

The most ribbons were probably collected by Festival HW, ridden by Donna Gatchell, 2014 VADA trainer of the year, she says the following: 
"Irene, here is a picture of all of Festival HW's ribbons and awards this year. I have to thank you for this wonderful horse, he has brought us such joy (and ribbons!!) He finished his year winning year end awards for State and his local chapters with an average of almost 77%!!!Thank you so much for this great horse. On to the next year and we will keep you posted".

Festival HW's impressive collection of ribbons and Trophies!

HW horses are the best and continue to shine in competitions in the U.S., Europe and worldwide!

So much to be thankful for, such a great past and a very bright future, HWfarm always has a nice selection of top quality horses for sale, solidly raised and trained. Be sure to check them out and to find your future dream horse.

They are as pretty as they come, are superb movers with great temperaments as well as the best bloodlines available. Pictured is FürstenHit HW, just one of many to choose from.

 Go to www.HWfarm.com to get more info.


Image Gallery

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Horses Worldwide - Pairing Discriminating Buyers with Horses of a Lifetime

The name Horses Worldwide, and the initials HW in front of multiple world-class sport horse success stories, has become synonymous with quality horse pairings. Whether it be stallions to mares, horses to humans, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold has an instinct for making great matches. German born Wiederhold began breeding in the USA in 2001, and made history with the 2004 Hanoverian foal Selten HW by Sandro Hit she bred out of her own mare SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall). The young stallion began his career the way all HW foals begin, with proper care, handling and training. Dressage at Devon 2006, was Selten HW first time at a show: He was the Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings, Champion Winner of his class: 2 year old Colts and Geldings, Best Born in the USA and the High Point Hanoverian! The success continued with Selten HW being called the 2007 Champion stallion of the Oldenburg inspection at Scott Hassler (Hassler Dressage), with the highest score of the day, a whopping 83%. With a 9 for canter, and an 8,5 for his trot. In 2010 he made history being the first horse in the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships to win the “Triple Crown” overall Young Horse Champions as a four, five and six-year old. But that is only where his historic moments began.

When Californian Elizabeth Ball sent her horse to Europe for more training and showing, he sold at the Equine Elite Auction 2012. Still in the history books today, Selten HW is the highest priced horse ever at that auction, with Euro 500.000. Sold to Fiona Bigwood, Team member UK and her husband Anders Dahl, Selten HW, the gelding born in Florida continues to add accolades to his record. Selten HW continued his journey, being internationally successful in Germany, then the UK and Spain, he’s undefeated in the small tour and might be the most successful international small tour horse of 2014.

Dantino HW is currently offered for sale through HW Farm

Selten HW is just one of the phenomenal horses bred and developed by HWFarms, and just one of the many success stories that get added to their website newsflash page.

With an uncanny eye for horses, knowledge of the oldest and most newest, trendy and/or influential bloodlines, Irene is able to stay on top of the highly discriminating buyers requests and demands. With an established reputation for the services she brings to her clients she has gained the trust and confidence needed in what for many is the largest purchase they will make in a lifetime. “We strive for all horses to be the total package: looks, movement, temperament for the amateur as well as for the professional, super fancy, but easy to ride and successful in their future career. ”

Lord Lennox HW  is already SOLD

“There is something close to a HWfarm fan club out there and the numbers keep climbing, “ added Irene. “Many customers have purchased multiple horses and are happy and love every single one of them. The current record is by FOUR to the same person, conveniently purchased sight unseen, most of the HWfarm horses sell just like that: Sight unseen. As one of HWFarm customers wrote in her testimonial, “it’s as easy to buy as on Amazon”.

screenshot_108.jpg (547176 bytes)

DressageDaily and Eurodressage acknowledge Selten HW’s success and congratulate Irene Wiederhold/www.HWfarm.com as his breeder. Below is the info, Selten HW is named the "probably most successful small tour hose of 2014" - another record for Selten HW, who broke many records in his lifetime already. So far, he has been unbeaten, with rare, high seventy percentage marks at each show, actually, even scores in the 80’s. 

photo 20.PNG (494980 bytes)


July 31st, 2014:

The adorable Selten HW has just won the PSG at Hickstead with 76.4% and a 4% lead. His owner says, he is one special pony and a pleasure to have in her yard. They all love him!! Congrats Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood and HRH Super Selten HW.

SeltenHWJuly31st.jpg (104003 bytes)

PrizeGivingSeltenHWpsg.jpg (318544 bytes)

Bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, Selten HW was the highest priced horse EVER, at the prestigious Equine Elite Auction, he sold for Euro 500.000.

This phenomenal horse broke many records in his life, he was the first superstar in history to win the Young Horse Championships, 3 years in a row, he won the 4 year old, the 5 year old and the 6 year old classes with record scores. Before that, he won everything in his way at Devon as a 2 year old and then was Devon Reserve Grand Champion.

In the hands of Pan Am rider Elizabeth Ball, he was trained and developed and now he is sold to World Equestrian Games rider, Fiona Bigwood.

Horses by www.HWfarm.com compete successfully at international levels and over 95% of them sell sight unseen to happy customers, who love them dearly.

The main interest of HW Farm is, to find or breed, highly talented young horses in Germany, for riders in the USA and all over the world.

These phenomenal horses will always get noticed and have their own fan club where ever they go. Check out our current selection at www.HWfarm.com

EM Donatella HW with Vivienne and Irene

VivDonnaIreneClose.jpg (408067 bytes)

DressageDaily.com - For people with a passion for Dressage.

Written by Lynndee Kemmet for DressageDaily.com   

After a Successful 2008 HW Farm Looks Forward to a Bright Future

Topping the numerous successes of previous years wasn't easy, but 2008 was another super year for HW Farm leading farm owner Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold to feel ever more confident that HW Farm will continue to be a success for years to come. Since arriving in the U.S. from her native Germany 12 years ago, Irene has built a solid reputation as a breeder and importer of future dressage stars. And in 2008, her talent proved itself again when several HW Farm horses ended the year as champions.

"What can I say? We had a lot of excitement in 2008 and I think in 2009, our horses, as well as our customers' horses, will be just as successful," Irene said. Leading the successes of the past year was Selten HW, a Hanoverian stallion by Sandro Hit out of MS High Princess by Hohenstein and owned by Cadence, LLC. With Michael Bragdell in the saddle, Selten HW took the 2008 championship title in the Markel/USEF National Dressage Four-Year-Old Horse Championships in Kentucky with a final score of 8.56, which included a few 9s for his trot and canter work. He followed up that victory with wins at Devon in the Four-Year-old classes.

Selten HW was bred and born at HW Farm and Irene said of him that "he wins pretty much everything. He's a breeder's dream come true." But he is not the farm's only big success of the past year. The farm's elite mare Donatella HW, by Don Frederico and out of SPS Wachau, was a Third Level champion in 2008 and won numerous classes with scores in the 70s that even earned her high-point awards. She has moved up to Fourth Level for 2009 and will only turn seven in May. "She is so easy and so much fun to ride," Irene said. "Moving up the levels with her will be a charm."

http://www.phelpsphotos.com/copyrightPhotos/115766.jpgTwo other HW Farm mares are also on the rise after spectacular showings in 2008. the four-year-old Santina HW, by Sandro Hit and out of a SPS Lanthan/Dakar mare, completed her elite mare candidate requirements in late 2008 and so too did Hannahlea HW, a four-year-old by Hohenstein and out of SPS Riverqueen O by Rotspon. In 2008, Hannahlea HW was the champion mare for the American Hanoverian Society having won the mare performance test and inspection. "She won it all and did it with just a few weeks under saddle," Irene said. "Hannahlea HW is now already winning at First Level and ready to collect more ribbons and she is currently for sale. Santina HW has given birth to a Quarterback foal in the spring and will then go back to work. She gave birth to Quickstep HW on February 25th, 2009. Please check our website to stay updated on all the happenings in this big horse family at www.HWfarm.com.


DressageDaily.com - For people with a passion for Dressage.

HW Farm, Cape Coral, Florida
Breeding and Brokering Top German Bloodlines

It’s a family affair for Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold , who together with devoted husband of over 20 years, Roger, is a go-getter “Who functions as the never getting tired manure disposal expert, sexy horse hauler, and helper in all situations” and children, Vivienne and Dain managing their farm and breeding facility in Cape Coral Florida.

At Dressage at Devon her own Selten HW (Sandro Hit) who won the Reserve Grand Champion, the USDF Breeders Cup, The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings, Champion Winner of two-year-old Colts and Geldings, Best Born in the USA and High Point Hanoverian. Also victorious was one of her sales horses, Amanda Bailey’s Faulkner, who won the FEI Four Year Old Class.

Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of Cape Coral, FL, does not let boundaries stop here. Her influence and connections extend far beyond the U.S. borders. Originally from Germany, she has created a successful business selecting warmbloods from all over the world and selling them on her web site, often before the potential new owners even lay eyes on the horse.

Read how Irene has parlayed a talent for finding the right horse, not only for her breeding operation, but her clients into a successful family business, our newest member of HorsesDaily’s Farm listings.

HorsesDaily HorseMarket - Farm Features

HW Farm, Cape Coral, Florida
Breeding and Brokering Top German Bloodlines
by Jeannie Blanq Putney for HorsesDaily.com

HW Farm
1110 Del Prado Blvd. South Unit A
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Phone (239 772-7722
Fax (888)) 818-8706

Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of Cape Coral, FL, does not let boundaries stop here. Her influence and connections extend far beyond the U.S. borders. Originally from Germany, she has created a successful business selecting warmbloods from all over the world and selling them on her web site, often before the potential new owners even lay eyes on the horse. “I will continue to find only the best horses, by screening many video clips and pictures every day and working with a huge network of people in Germany, who support my eyes with hands-on experience to help me pick the right horses for the U.S. market.”


Strong German Background Brings Contacts to USA

Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HW Farm in Cape Coral has “the eye” that every true horse person yearns for. Her customers have told her numerous times that she has a gift for determining what a horse will be capable of. It becomes more apparent every day as Irene’s business continues to grow and flourish. “I can just see them and know how their front end or their hind end is engaged, how they carry themselves, conformation, ride ability and character as well as other attributes are evaluated, and I can pretty much tell you if this will be a future star or if the horse is just too ‘normal’ for me to have the right to be imported and to get sold to the American market.” Today, HW Farm breeds, imports and sells quality horses, both green mounts as well as trained schoolmasters.

Irene grew up with horses. It all started when her grandfather brought her to vaulting lessons at the age of four at the Reitinstitut von Neindorf in Germany. From there, she graduated to riding under the professional eye of Roland Janson in Bruchsal, Germany. Living in Forst, Germany she was able to see, be educated and work with the Celle Stallions that were stalled up each year for breeding purposes in her home town. This helped her to understand bloodlines and evaluate horses while learning from the best. Irene personally knows many of the stallions that are still found in the modern pedigrees and learned each day from them and other horses. What opened her eyes even more was being at a barn where the trainer was hands-on every single day and helped to explain and correct things.


Sales and Breeding Comes Naturally

Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Daugher VivienneIn 1997, Irene made the move to the United States. A friend sent her two imported horses in training to photograph and take professional video of, in order to sell them. They were both sold just days after their arrival, as the quality and the price were exactly what the buyers expected. She then imported more and more horses for clients and also her own horses—all carefully selected. She soon started marketing them on her own web site, where they all sold very quickly after being imported. Some of them even sold directly from Germany, just off the web site, before she even got a chance to bring them to Florida. Ninety percent of the horses on her web site sell without the buyers even trying out the horses. This started a domino affect, and before she knew it her skills and competence were circulating in the industry. Her good reputation traveled quickly, mostly by word-of-mouth.

She started personally breeding on her four acres in Cape Coral in 2001 with two pregnant high-scoring States Premium broodmares, which she imported herself. One of them produced EMC Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer), who won all her classes as the youngest horse on the American Hanoverian Inspection in Florida and was champion mare of the day. HW Farm bred ‘Donna’ for a 2007 foal to Samarant (Sandro Hit-Bolero) in hopes of keeping these phenomenal bloodlines. Additionally, Irene imported SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall), a mare entered with a score of nine in the Hanoverian mare book, just two weeks before the stallion His Highness (Hohenstein-Donnerhall) was purchased for 550,000 Euro at an auction. Her mare was in foal to Sandro Hit, which was at that time not a huge name, just an upcoming young stallion and look at him today!


HorsesDaily HorseMarket - Farm Features

HW Farm, Cape Coral, Florida
Breeding and Brokering Top German Bloodlines

Picking Future Stars - Success at Dressage at Devon

“It’s great to be able to pick and try to predict the future stars. We got rewarded with the huge success that Selten HW (out of SPS High Princess) as a two-year-old had in Devon this year.”

Under the caring hands of Hilltop Farms, Selten was shown and won Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings, Champion Winner of two-year-old Colts and Geldings, and Best Born in the USA. As an added bonus he was High Point Hanoverian—all in a day’s work for an HW Farm baby.

Another success story, and one of Irene’s proudest accomplishments, is that of Hanoverian gelding Faulkner (Friendship x Wiesenbluete). Irene imported him for his owner, Amanda Bailey after evaluating him in four 20-second video clips.

The pair recently won the FEI four-year-old class at Devon, beating out the 2006 National four-year-old champion. At a recent clinic in Florida, which was by invitation/selection only, Scott Hassler told Faulkner’s owner that he just loved her horse. A few months ago Faulkner placed third after impressing a panel of discriminating judges at the USEF Markel Young Horse Championships. They qualified for the Young Horse Championships at their second show with an impressive 8.36.

screenshot_29.jpg (235261 bytes)


It's A Family Affair - And the Horses Keep Coming!

It’s a family affair at HW Farm. Irene’s devoted husband of over 20 years, Roger, is a go-getter that helps with all aspects of the business. Children, Vivienne and Dain also invest lots of time in the farm and the horses. “In the end, HW Farm would not run as seamless and excellent without all their support.”

This spring, Irene imported a Reggazoni mare and 14-year-old Vivienne collected the ribbons with her. Ramina HW sold to a discriminating rider and breeder who brought her to the Florida American Hanoverian Society inspection this year where she won the mare performance test with phenomenal scores. This is the second year in a row that HW Farm presented the winner for the Florida AHS Inspection—an outstanding task.

“For being a new breeder and now professional broker and importer of horses, this was quite a success, not to forget many, many others who are not mentioned here by name, which I imported and are winning their titles and ribbons right now. I will continue to find only the best horses, by screening many video clips and pictures every day and working with a huge network of people in Germany, who support my eyes with hands-on experience to help me pick the right horses for the U.S. market. It is very hard to find outstanding quality, it always was and it’s not getting easier, but with more experience and each new horse, I am getting pickier and pickier, and only the best will be good enough to come here or to get bred at my barn.”


Happy Customers and Happy Horses

Sound confident? It should; Irene knows her stuff and has proven it time and time again. Multiple satisfied customers have purchased horses from Irene based solely on her professional opinion, without even laying their own eyes on them before they write the check. A great example of that total satisfaction and trust would be customer Anne Schmidt.

“I recently bought a horse (Cheenook HW) from Irene after seeing a clip of him on the Internet. He was such a special horse, there was a lot of competition to buy him, so I ended up purchasing him sight unseen—from the clip. I am impressed by him daily. Not only does he have outstanding gaits; he also has an incredible brain. I have yet to meet another horse with such a super mind paired with those gaits. Irene was honest about his training level and temperament. I couldn’t be happier.”

Irene recently invested in an additional 31-acre property and built a new barn and a covered riding arena. She currently has five horses on her property with another five or so out for training. With a brand new facility and expert resources in Germany, HW Farm has nowhere to go but up. “Give it another 1-2 years and there will be lots of horses out there competing from HW Farm.”

“I’d like to let people know, that they can trust my eyes and that I have many customers buying horses sight unseen from me and that they are thrilled with their horses.” Many customers have even told her the horses worked out even better than they had expected.

Check out the HW Farm testimonials and newsflash on their web site at HWfarm.com. Selected Top Quality Horses - always at a fair price – We believe in making dreams come true.


Horse Sales LLC,

 Irene Höflich-Wiederhold (managing member)
1110 Del Prado Blvd. South Unit A
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Phone (239) 772-7722
Fax (888) 818-8706