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Nadine Schwartsman posted:

Super I1 debut for Empire HW. I have ridden him every level from Training to I1 so far.

And he is schooling all of the Grand Prix movement now.

He is a phenomenal horse!!

IMG_4247.JPG (380325 bytes)

Pascal de Winne:

The handsome appearance in the picture is Eleven HW (Escamillo x Den Haag). Super talented stallion, covering at Winhorses.

IMG_4653.JPG (337193 bytes)

Lilly’s mom sent an email to let us know that San Salitos HW and his girl Lilly are doing absolutely great with each other and make a super team.

IMG_3297.jpeg (6179821 bytes)

Jessica O’Donnell posted: Love this picture taken by @quillanewelsh

Thank you Amy E. Riley for capturing the special moments with my beautiful bay boy.

Fizau (aka Fitz HW) who after every ride looks back for affection asking did I do a good job Mom!?! Love my boy!!!

IMG_4630.JPG (529866 bytes) IMG_4631.JPG (566399 bytes)

So beautiful, Kassidy Peacock with her boy Dior HW

IMG_4610.jpeg (365901 bytes)

Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, after successfully competing at I-1 with her very own Forbes HW:

Many thanks! My angel was confident in the ring, and I want him to remain that way!

Kathy Connelly said the following about Michelle and Forbes HW:

Beautiful legacy and partnership manifested Michelle is a truly gifted trainer, dedicated to the tenants of classical training and always doing the right next thing in her horse’s best interest Exciting future ahead.

Magnificent breeding Irene. BRAVO

IMG_0133.jpeg (182846 bytes) IMG_3874.jpeg (339726 bytes) Pic17203.JPG (479387 bytes)

Top seller/highest priced horse Eleven HW, aka now Winhorses Eleven:

A power-bank with exceptional gaits.

Flore De Winne’s mission for the coming years is to manage well all this elasticity, power and talent to further educate him. Elastic is an understatement in his case! What a horse!

Breeding stallion, approved for HAN, OLD, WFL and RHL.

Winner of the 50-day test Adelheidsdorf with a top score of 87,8 % With 9’s for trot, canter, character and general impression and 8,5 for walk, rideability and jumping!

WFFS free and available for breeding.

Spectacular horse!

Pascal De Winne (he’s the most elastic horse I’ve ever seen!)

 Pic17207.jpg (452332 bytes)

Hi Irene!!

Moose (aka Magnificent HW) and I are enjoying this training journey together and I think this season will be the first time we start showing!

I am so grateful he is mine and I have you to thank for that.

We celebrated his 7th birthday today with endless amounts of carrots, gummy bears and a little piece of carrot cake :).

And to top it all off, we had a great lesson. I will try and be better about providing more updates.

Best, Alli

Sundance HW is a very unique horse. Definitely one in a million and definitely like a soul mate.

Such a wonderful horse. So intelligent sensitive and handsome.

Pic17172.JPG (267276 bytes)

Cricket Harvey

Bezos Boy HW (aka Lynk) is just the most respectful and kind horse I’ve ever met. He’s taught me more than any other horse with gentleness and patience every step if the way and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Thank you for making this dream such a reality.

I thank my lucky stars every day!!

 Sammi Sposi

IMG_3560.jpeg (285872 bytes)

Well, well, Sir Niro HW (aka Blackie), not only is he a really successful dressage horse, he now is also officially a “husband class” horse, thanks to his rider Erik Yokay, that looks like a lot of fun. Congratulations on all your success, he is clearly loved and appreciated.

Erik Yokay posted: 

Super fun day doing our Twinwood schooling show together. I was coaching in the morning and Johan then borrowed Blackie for the Husband class which was an absolute blast.

Blackie_1.jpg (783807 bytes)

FiveStars HW” also known as Freddie training at the Riverlands Equestrian Centre, Pemberton, B.C. last weekend.

I recently purchased Freddie sight unseen from HWfarm and brought him to Canada. I sent him to Riverlands so that Wes Schild, the resident trainer could train, ride and develop him to his full potential.

Freddie has only been with Wes for about two months and his progress has been amazing. I would like to say a huge thank you to Wes for taking such good care of my precious boy and for his wonderful riding. I am truly grateful and so excited for their future together.

I would also like to thank Irene, of course, for letting me bring this special boy to Canada and for making me so happy. Sue 



Festival HW really is a super fun horse! We are enjoying him! I’m hoping to take him in the I-2 this year and possibly the short GP. His mom wants to get her gold, so that would be next!


 Ana DiGironimo

Irene, thank you for making my experience in purchasing So Fine HW sight unseen so incredibly uncomplicated and wonderful. I appreciate how promptly and transparently you responded to all of my questions and requests. You made this experience for me delightful and I felt safe knowing that I was getting a wonderful young horse that has had only the best beginning. Also thank you for taking care of all the vetting and travel details, I appreciate how you kept me informed every step of the way, all I had to do was show up and pick him up. Upon meeting So Fine HW for the first time at the LAX quarantine facility he was so well behaved and trusting from the moment he was handed to me and thank you for the lovely travel wardrobe that you sent with him. I can’t tell you how impressed I am daily with his temperament, from grooming to lunging to riding he is SO WELL behaved. I’m so excited for his future and again thank you for everything you have done to make this transition so seamless. I look forward to sending you updates and doing business with you again in the future. Best Regards, Charlotte Nielson

So Fine HW at Charlotte's.jpeg (446425 bytes)


Irene, I hope you realize how much love and happiness you bring to the world with all these beautiful horses we love so much. Lori Butt

Thank You Irene, I love and appreciate my Sommersby HW for all that he is, which you bred. 

He is 7 now, on all ORGANIC food and looks like a million! Talented and training well! He is very attached to me and happy.

Pat Degen

Soaring across the sandbox on BonFire HW (owned by Tyra Vernon) is one of the best feelings. He truly is one of the most spectacular horses...how lucky am I to be on the BonFire HW Journey!? Brie Seltser Haskins

Sold over 16 years ago, still with the same owner, love to read posts like these, always make my days:

My heart is happy. Steppy (aka StepMaster HW) inside the barn. That face.

Linda Montgomery

Steppy.jpg (682079 bytes)

So happy to see Empire HW, who was purchased sight unseen, in this ad with his trainer Nadine Schwartsman, the two are quite successful, collecting ribbons, sashes and championship titles.

Pic16676.jpg (375490 bytes)

I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to graduate my senior year with my beautiful boy, Bezos Boy HW.

Biggest of thanks to Mickie Krajenke for the best photos I could ever ask for and Tracey Krajenke for being the attention grabber!!!

Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold wouldn't be possible without you!!

Sammi Sposi

IMG_2087.JPG (227865 bytes)

I recently purchased FiveStars HW from Irene at www.HWfarm.com sight unseen.

He has now safely arrived at my home in Canada and is settling in well with his new family. He is everything and more than Irene said he was. Absolutely beautiful young horse with excellent manners and very easy to handle.

His sales ad was very detailed with a video and beautiful pictures showing his conformation, feet etc.

Irene answered very promptly any questions I had about him and couldn't do enough to make me feel at ease. She also handled all the traveling arrangements and kept me in the loop as to where he was and that he was doing well.

Irene's horses are truly stunning, world class, beautifully bred.

I absolutely recommend Irene as this was a very stress free experience and I got the horse of my dreams!

I am excited to see what the future holds for FiveStars HW next year as I plan to show him in the FEI Young Horse division.

Thank you again, Irene.

Magic Moon HW He was one of our first US imports/sales and is still with the same owner. Now already 22 years old and still a happy camper. My granddaughter loved to feed him yesterday. Lucky boy.

IMG_0543.jpeg (861373 bytes)


We have never purchased a horse online, sight unseen, from across the world!

As nervous as we were to purchase a horse without ever meeting him, Irene was amazing in her time and attention with us.

She was professional and personable, informative and honest throughout this process.

She was so patient in answering all our questions, and was so sweet and excited when we found the perfect horse for our daughter! She explained the entire process of getting him to Arizona from Germany, and he is as perfect in real life as she said he was. Although we have no intentions on buying another horse anytime soon, I would definitely make my first call to Irene if we do this again.

Our Bezos Boy HW is settled into his new home and I still send pictures and videos to Irene!

Thank you so much for making this dream a reality!


1689.jpeg (1121482 bytes)

IMG_1993.jpeg (3045235 bytes) IMG_1994.jpeg (3434553 bytes)

It’s been one year with my big horse (Fürst HW) and I couldn’t be more obsessed! He and Lauren Tucker have taught me so much and I am forever thankful, and lucky, to have them both. We have come a long way over the past year and I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead. Michele Vogel Perry

Fuerst HW Michele Vogel Perry.jpeg (335345 bytes)

My lifetime and forever partner: SANDRO (aka Special Edition HW, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold) at The Stable Dressage. After more than 13 years together, I still can't wait to come back in the ring with you! Yes, he is already 18 yo …a real love story, MY UNICORN


IMG_9343.JPG (321821 bytes)

Oh my - e-mails like this, just totally make my days:

Hi Irene,

Sorry I haven’t gotten this review to you sooner.

There are many things I could say or many ways to say it but here it is:

As nerve wracking as it can seem buying a horse online, I couldn’t have been happier.

My 3 year old Valerius HW is exactly as advertised and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold guided me through the process of bringing him here from Germany.

He is well started and has been a joy to have around the barn. I am very excited for the future!

 Dr. Helle M. Stewart Owner, Veterinarian

 image1.jpeg (162545 bytes)

image0.jpeg (170086 bytes)

Perfect: I just love this view.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love Fürst HW!

He’s my big puppy dog! Michele Vogel Perry

IMG_8096.jpeg (121696 bytes)

Not only is Fizau aka Fitz HW winning Intermediare I multiple times with Jessica O’Donnell, he was also 5th in the PSG Championships.

 Congratulations to this successful team, he was purchased sight unseen a 4 year old young horse from www.HWfarm.com

Pic15422.jpg (1310860 bytes) 

IMG_3675.JPG (402501 bytes)

319568704_679492600318485_2310611199483628290_n.jpg (288263 bytes)

Hello Irene, I hope that all is well in your world!

Just wanted to give you an update on my gorgeous boy Tango (aka Don Fidermark HW) who continues to amaze me every day with his loving personality and capacity for learning. Such a wonderful horse.

I moved him to a new barn in Nov. The young trainer I have been working with does not ride dressage, but she is friends with Olivia A. Steidle who is now helping us!

Olivia was so very complimentary of you and the HW horses, she loved Tango and has him looking so amazing under saddle! I am really excited to tap into her expertise.

More to come..... I do hope that your Christmas is wonderful and that the coming year brings you and yours all good things.

Warm regards, Pam

Quote Olivia A. Steidle: "I believe in your program and your stunning horses!"

Happy customers and e-mails/messages like these, make our days, it's all worth it!

Dear Irene,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I've been looking at your horses for a few years now and I think you have the most beautiful horses in the world. It's a pleasure and a joy to see what you have produced. You have the golden touch in choosing the best horses to breed and your offspring show this in every way. I'm sure you get a lot of emails like this but I still wanted to congratulate you on your lovely horses. Best wishes, L.A.


Just a big fan of your horses all yours are dreams in the making just thought I let you know how much I enjoy seeing all the pictures brings me a little piece of home thank you for all you do. P.R.

So cute, Forbes HW with his mommy Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, he’s now an Inter-I horse! What an amazing team. Michelle says: "GP in our sights!!! Piaffe, passage, and ones…all getting stronger each day!” This boy was purchased as a young horse, sight unseen at www.HWfarm.com




Purchased as a 4 year old young horse from www.HWfarm.com - Fizau aka Fitz HW with Jessica O’Donnell, are now winning Intermediare I multiple times with High Score FEI open. What a super team! Jessica posted, he was basically running onto the trailer for their second day of showing, all ready to go and that he is always such a pleasure, ready to work and happy to do it.

298376798_10221742570737528_5792961498198755266_n.jpeg (1080847 bytes)

300278979_622731555875432_3724862505684120816_n.jpeg (170321 bytes) 300890548_632905258183187_7108970458224771115_n.jpeg (1678712 bytes) 301570430_754693129128897_290724087026653650_n.jpeg (1428217 bytes)




Copyright and credit for these beautiful pictures: Sage Fire Photography

Jayne Ryan posted he following, so sweet! I can not say enough good things about this amazing horse! He is only three years old and yet he has the soul of a horse a hundred years old. In only a week he has completely settled in, made friends with the pony, bonded with me, is completely relaxed and happy in his paddock, loves grass, loves to work a little on the lunge, is happy, respectful, cuddly and charming! Last night he and his new dad went for a walk around the farm for some good old guy bonding time. My husband came back and said what a polite young horse he is! We love him and I can not wait to ride him! All in good time though. We have a real treasure in Vitano HW.

Pic14598.jpg (502380 bytes)


As a first time buyer of my dream horse from Germany Irene made the experience much less stressful. She fully understood my concerns (jitters) from the beginning. Guided me without hesitation from vetting to arrival in NY. We had a few glitches along the way...mostly my doing..but she always solved the problem with her knowledge and connections in the international equine community. After arrival she continued to keep in contact. Checking in to see how things were progressing. Everyone at Don DiMaggio HW's new home adores his personality as well as his striking good looks. He'll be headed to Florida to continue his education with Emily Donaldson and crew in January. I'm looking forward to a bright future with DD, that wouldn't have happened if Irene hadn't come into my life.

Thanks to all the HW people who helped along the way for me to find my dream horse.

It was truly much easier with you in my corner. Thanks again..Lynn

Pic14507.jpg (997416 bytes)

So thankful!!! Just got this:

A great big THANK YOU to Irene and the team at HW for my amazing new boy Don Fidermark HW! He came over to the US in January and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Many thought I was nuts to import a young horse sight unseen, but after over a year of looking at horses, researching bloodlines and sellers I kept returning to the HW site for the sheer quality of their animals. Well, I was not disappointed. Don Fidermark HW (aka 'Tango) is a blast to ride, has wonderful ground manners and is just as sweet as sugar! Everyone is so impressed with him and I am very grateful and proud to be his new owner.

He was everything as advertised and then some. The process was well managed and seamless. The concern and care with which HW monitored Tango's travel from Germany really proved to me that these are not just 'sale horses'. The icing on the cake were Irene's repeated follow-ups with me to make sure that my new horse was doing well and that I was happy with him. The HW team is professional, honest, and they represent their horses accurately. I would recommend HW to anyone serious about buying a high quality import.

Did I mention that Tango is gorgeous !! Could not be happier!! Pam Horbacz

So thankful to have received this testimonial, another dream match, made by HWfarm:

My search for the next horse…. I knew it had to be special. The right amount of eye appeal and physical quality to meet the projected requirements for my next future GP star. I wanted to start with a young one to develop in my program but it needed to have the solid foundation of correct basics and a great mind. I saw BonFire HW’s ad put out and inquired immediately. I was just beginning my search so wasn’t going to jump on the first horse that caught me eye but he had my heart from the beginning. I looked and searched and looked and searched….. nothing else captured me. So I inquired again, with help and careful eye of a long time trainer and friend we moved forward. I had never bought a horse from Irene before but always have heard positive comments about her and her HW horses certainly don’t need any introduction. I felt comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward with this purchase even though I’ve never seen the horse in person! That took a lot of trust to do so and I’m so thankful I did. My experience with Irene dealing with all the details of purchasing, importing and continued contact was amazing. My beautiful new horse BonFire HW  is just as amazing as she said and probably a tad more . Huge thanks to Irene and my team of support that made this new chapter in my riding journey a easy and successful decision. I’d buy another horse from her in a heartbeat! I have my hands full with BonFire HW, but I can’t help but look at what else she has coming up for sale…. Oh, Secret Spice HW and Eleven HW . It’s like a candy shop  Tyra Vernon

Oh my - so happy to see Vitano HW's mommy being excited to meet her new boy, here is what she wrote:

Buying a horse in Germany was so much easier than I had expected it to be but I think that was because I was in very good, experienced hands. My competition horses career was abruptly cut short this year by a devastating injury which left me between a rock and a very sad place with a 20 year old and a 2 year old. I needed to be slowing down a bit with my aging mare and did not want to feel rushed into starting her very special two year old son. My husband finally could not bear to see me depressed any longer and told me to look for a project horse. I looked. And looked. And looked. I even drove to Texas with my trailer (8 hours each way) but was so disappointed with everything I saw. I had looked at literally hundreds of horses on line.

Finally I decided to click on Horsesworldwide’s link which came up constantly when I typed in my search criteria. I had previously avoided it because I knew the horses were very high quality and way out of my price range. But now I was feeling that the quality and price of what I had been looking at did not add up and it was time to step up my search!

I could just look right???

Immediately a 4 year old caught my eye, he was spectacular and so at ease in his skin and quiet in the bridle, the ‘call for price’ tag concerned me but I thought maybe he had a quirk I could live with and I could afford him!

Nope!..........he was perfect and outside my budget but Irene told me to keep checking back as she was going to add new horses soon!

I checked daily and soon a few new horses appeared. One of them really stood out and I was excited to show my husband the video clip when he got home! He was actually a bit annoyed as he watched and said ‘why are you showing me another horse way out of our budget’...........Smile That’s when I knew. Because he wasn’t out of our budget!

My husband was more eager than me to buy him. He said call her now and say we want him! He even called on his way out of town to see if I had called. I spent the weekend (Mothers Day no less) emailing back and forth with Irene about Vitano HW, I even said please don’t feel like you have to answer these questions today, wait till Monday but she was great and answered every question!

I had many questions and Irene answered every one professionally and knowledgably. By the time my husband returned home Sunday evening all the wheels were rolling and he was relieved that we hadn’t acted too late. Irene said she had had quite a few inquiries about Vitano HW so my husband was right that we needed to grab him quick!

So I went from ‘project’ horse to my dream horse. We haven’t met yet but I already feel like I know Vitano HW from Irene's description of him and the things he likes. I am so excited to finally see him in the flesh and update this testimonial!

Jayne Ryan

Thank you Michele Vogel Perry and Lauren Tucker, for your trust and working with me.

As expected, Fürst HW is the perfect fit.

Here is, what Michele has to say:

From start to finish, the process of purchasing my dream horse was beyond amazing! Beginning with the detailed website with pictures and videos of all the horses and then Irene‘s thorough descriptions provided on each horse was very helpful and definitely assisted me in making my purchase decision. Irene was extremely quick to respond in answering all of our questions and when given the qualities desired in a horse to match my needs, she assisted in narrowing down the options. The vetting, shipping, and quarantine process was smooth and the communication during it all was excellent. Then ultimately, after having Fürst HW for several weeks now, Irene‘s description on him was 100% spot on and I couldn’t be more happy. I can’t get over how fun he is to ride but also how beautiful, gentle, hardworking, and cuddly he is. I completely understand the hesitation in purchasing a horse sight unseen, however, I highly recommend working with Irene and Horses Worldwide. The quality of their horses and professionalism deserves an A+!

IMG_4076.JPG (378249 bytes)

I recently purchased Secret Affaire HW from Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold who has Horses WorldWide/HW Farm. I have always been a skeptic about buying a horse off the Internet and always told friends, students NO don't do it. I always made the trip to Germany to look at the horses before I would buy, but with Covid it was making things more difficult to do that. If it hadn't been for my sister having the HW Farm site up on her phone and asking me to look at the horses I never would have found Secret Affaire HW. When we started to watch the video the 1st thing I noticed was the group photo and Lilo Fore right in the middle, I said to my sister that's Lilo she's one of the best trainers, instructors, judges in the world, I've known Lilo for many many years, so I thought wow did she train that horse rider combo to the championship or did she judge him at the show, anyway the fact that she was somehow connected was enough for me to really look at all the horses Irene had to offer. I started looking at the site almost everyday couldn't believe I was doing that, and I saw Secret Affaire HW, read about him, got in touch with Irene asked a ton of questions which I have to say she always responded to immediately. I was allowed to look at the x rays and to do more testing. I was told "nothing to hide here do what you need to do" and I did. I had two vets looking over everything here in the states. They both agreed everything looked good, so I decided to buy him. I have to say everything the way Irene described him was exact. This horse is fabulous even better in person, he has had a wonderful start, sometimes hard to believe he is just coming 4, but he is a young boy and needs to be brought along slowly. The training he has was started very correctly, he has had a lot of care and time put into him, I am so impressed. All the transactions were easy to make through Irene. I can't say enough about Irene and her horses at Horses WorldWide. I highly recommend her and her horses. My only regret is not finding her site sooner, but then again, if I had maybe I wouldn't have found Secret Affaire HW my dream come true, Judy Bergquist

Secret Affaire HW Judy and Marc.jpeg (2046469 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted the following about SenSation HW, currently with Laura Graves:

Love this black pearl - so appreciative for his previous development and so excited for him. And Laura is the BEST dance partner. I love all of the 5 HW's that I have purchased.





Nancy Smith posted the following:

Damon’s Design HW doing his first Grand Prix. It has been a wonderful journey from purchasing him as a 4 year old from Horses Worldwide (HWfarm) to this moment. Thank you so much to Sarah Bushong-Weeks for giving me the opportunity to work with this special horse. I am looking forward to continuing this journey into the International arena and beyond!!!

87081244_3312244362126310_3528199484863414272_n.jpg (423447 bytes)

I had been considering purchasing another horse and just really hadn’t seen anything that caught my eye.

When I showed my husband EsQuire HW’s photo and video on a whim, he said that’s the one and he was insistent he was going to purchase him for me for Christmas. I am just an average (older) adult amateur rider. I told him NOT to buy a horse sight unseen, especially overseas. My daughter told him not to, my best (horse) friend told him not to. Well….Irene calmed my fears and was with me every step of the way. She answered the million questions I asked. She made all of the arrangements. She kept me updated the whole time, and even after he left her farm she continued to stay in contact with me. I have since found that Irene  has a stellar reputation and the quality of her horses is known to be outstanding. I urge anyone looking at HW Farm's gorgeous horses to not be afraid to purchase sight unseen.

EsQuire HW has arrived safely. He walked off the trailer like he was an old pro at travel, and settled right in. He is even more gorgeous than his photos and videos showed. Better yet he is bright and inquisitive and has been a perfect gentleman to handle. He is SO affectionate and quite the character! It is very obvious that not only has he had excellent care and training, but that he has also been well loved. He is very special. I am already head over heels in love, and I am excited for our future together. Many many thanks to Irene and HW Farm! Liz Hoger with EsQuire HW

Pic13740.jpg (934284 bytes)

Beautiful to see Fizau, aka Fitz HW with Jessica O’Donnell, what an amazing team. She says he is a pleasure in any way. Sold to the USA a very long time ago, around 2013!

IMG_3042.JPG (224075 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman posted: Tracy Cook, here is your boy.

He took a well deserved break from working on his cool FEI moves. Empire HW is going to do PSG next year! Got 8s on all his pirouettes at Fourth Level first time out!



Feeling HW, Finest Dream HW & Fendi HW, some of Carols HW horses, purchased sight unseen. Would not hesitate to buy again - when the time affords me more, says Carol McPhee.

Pic13328.jpg (587926 bytes) Pic13329.jpeg (607500 bytes)

My sweet FinestDream HW - he does love his momma. 1 of the 4 HWs purchased sight unseen. Would not hesitate again - when the time affords me more. Carol McPhee

Pic13158.jpg (425827 bytes)

My two perfect HWs - FinestDream HW & Feeling HW. Enjoying a perfect fall morning

IMG_9538.JPG (210042 bytes) IMG_9539.JPG (161468 bytes)


What a wonderful update/testimonial by Heather Calder Marchman, I vividly remember the day she contacted me about him and bought him on the spot, sight unseen.

Even made her send a copy of her drivers license, as it sounded nearly too easy. Check out the dressage score in the Eventing Championships, got told one of the best yet.

So happy she trusted me all along, she says the following: Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold your horses are insanely talented and beautiful. I’m happy I’ve had the privilege to own and ride a HW horse!

In addition, here is her post: A difficult but ultimately the best decision was for me to pass my ride on Duke HW to the very talented junior rider, Mia Brown. They just won their division at the American Eventing Championships! Mia worked very hard and did her homework to finish on her dressage score of 22 (78%). Many people have helped develop Duke over the years. Shout out to Mia’s trainers Dani and Joe McKinley (Vanguard Eventing), her parents Bob and Martha Brown, HW Farms, trainer Susan Davies, trainer Nellie Martin-Gils, trainer Bella Mowbray Stevenson, trainer Tracy Elizabeth, trainer Amanda de la Rosa, trainer Dyan Southern, and trainer Connie Arthur. Notably, Connie Arthur and Dyan Southern’s systematic approach for introducing young horses to cross country jumping played a huge role in Duke’s confidence on the very challenging Kentucky xc course! A special thank you to my wonderful husband for his generous financial support and for encouraging me to follow my dreams.

Pic12782.jpg (373392 bytes) IMG_8751.jpeg (3484847 bytes)

I imported Zonik HW and could not be happier. Irene and her team have made it an exceptional buying experience. The whole process was pleasant and uncomplicated for me. HW Farm kept me updated every step of the way and always answered every question I had promptly.

I saw several of Irene’s young horses at their farm in Germany. Every single one of these horses is amazingly beautiful with excellent ground manners. I fell in love with Zonik HW at first sight. He is everything HW Farm  promised him to be. I cannot say enough positive things about Irene and her team.

Martina Strassfeld Veltmaat

Pic12559.JPG (1023555 bytes) IMG_6168.JPEG (2499986 bytes)

Denarius HW (Ari, aka D'Grayson HW) learning to play in the white rectangle and loving it! An exciting future lays ahead for this guy! Brianna Zwilling

US Equestrian publishes the following article, super stoked for this dream team:

This week's #IAmUSEquestrian feature is Amelia Brown pictured with Duke HW, an Oldenburg. Amelia is 16 years old, and is from San Leandro, California. Hear more about how horses have positively impacted her life.

"Horses have have given me a great work ethic and riding has made me a more determined and resilient person. I believe I have worked very hard throughout my riding career to become who I am today. I’ve learned plenty of lessons along the way that have made me stronger and smarter. Working with horses is a very special thing. Horses have made me more aware and compassionate towards others. I don’t believe I would have learned these lessons if I didn’t ride."

If you or someone you know would like to share their story with us, use #IAmUSEquestrian or email us at social@usef.org

219389852_10159323203925419_4049529467836555128_n.jpg (449017 bytes)

Hello Irene,

Sir Donnermark HW is the 4th HW horse I have had the privilege of riding and training. They have all been wonderful. I can’t say enough how well prepared and stable Sir Donnermark HW is. You either have a very good team of people working with you, or your source for these horses has. Sir Donnermark HW is wonderfully quiet and his inner barometer is very well settled. I love his willing temperament and his training in my base. He feels very dependable and settled in his understanding of his work. Super well ridden in the contact and in front of the leg. He really tries to find and seeks the aids of the rider. The only thing better than such a wonderfully charactered horse with such a good start, is he is also a very very nice mover and athlete.

By far one of the nicest young horses I have ever met.

Thank you for making him available to some one like Roslyn. She needs a wonderful young horse like this one. It’s rare to find such a wonderful young horse that is so internally stable that an Amateur can ride and have the experience of developing the horse, and be safe doing it!

Keep making and developing these kinds. Frederick Magazzeni

I had never given any thought to purchasing a horse sight unseen because of the uncertainty of many aspects. Irene and HWfarm gave me a completely different perspective of the sight unseen process and now I am the proud momma of this beautiful big boy, Magnificent HW.

The process from deciding which of their sale horses was the best fit for me, to the purchase of the horse, the flight, arrival and everything in between, Irene was extremely helpful and so easy to work with- the entire process could not have gone any smoother! I have only had my boy for about 24 hours, but I am completely in love with him. I can’t say enough good things about Irene and HorseSales LLC. If you are considering purchasing a horse sight unseen, do not hesitate and reach out to Irene. She is the best and all of the horses are of top-notch quality!! Alli Shields

Pic12041.jpg (70770 bytes) Pic12042.jpg (130322 bytes)

IMG_3816.jpeg (430386 bytes)

Both my HW ladies (She’s Magic HW and Bella Royal HW) ... bought sight unseen ... as advertised and I adore them both …. Irene will go out of her way to answer any questions you have anytime. Kimberley Rene Dougherty

I'm an adult amateur that imported a 4 yr. old HW Westphalian (Now Or Never HW) sight unseen, people say well you just got lucky. No I didn't get lucky, this is what a well trained, well bred horse acts like. If you are in the market don't hesitate to buy an HW you won't regret it. Couldn't be happier. Lori Butt

My SkyHit HW was my first import and he was just as Irene described and was the first horse I did all the riding on to PSG as an AA. He was a gem for sure! Anne Hurtt Buchanan

10 years ago this beautiful boy arrived in my life from Germany. Santiago HW has matured and together we have learned more than I could ever have dreamed of. Thanks to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for finding him and to my coach and friend Nancy MacLachlan for her wisdom and patience. And yes, he’s been through four saddles and I’m still wearing the same clothes 10 years later… Shelley Brown

Pic11559.jpeg (147813 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman is with Melissa Connelly and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

This horse makes me happy every single day.

And laugh.

If I was an Amateur and could only have one horse it would be this one:

DeNaldi HW (DeNiro x Gribaldi)




This handsome kid did his first line of 4 tempis today and nailed it.

Empire HW (Escolar x Rohdiamant) owned by Tracy Cook.

Can’t wait to show him this year! I think he’ll be ready for some baby PSG!!!

Nadine Schwartsman

149055775_10208185334427961_1143773276815944423_n.jpg (43155 bytes)

Pamela Aid posted: Sharing my incredible lineup for 2021. I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Satisfaction HW, second from the right.

Pic11031.jpg (412682 bytes)

Dear Irene, I wanted to let you know that it means so much to me that you gave endless attention, and incessant information on my purchase of Sommersby HW. " Summer"" is an absolutely beautiful, riding sport horse, as you said he was. He is all business as soon as you step into the stirrup. He is able to switch riders effortlessly. He is is truly well trained through 2nd level and then some. His rideability and desire to be ridden comes through every time. He truly listens to his rider and his incredible gaits, perfect size and beauty astounds those onlookers. Just a Show Stopper all round ! Your caring time and effort to answering all questions regarding his habitat, tack, feed and personal information, made me feel very respected and secure in my purchase. I can say that this sale, transport and transfer of ownership from HWfarm HORSES WORLDWIDE, to me could not have been so smooth without you and the Farm in Germany. I can not imagine an online transaction any where else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !, Irene ! Most Sincerely, Pat Degen

Check out the latest issue of Sidelines Magazine where Erik Englund is featured along side Blackie (Sir Niro HW aka Sotto Voce), owned by Susan Ellis !

6919d7ce-338b-4412-8b24-4126faa6aa42.jpg (244073 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: Ultimate Happiness (I have 11 horses love them all),

but these 4 boys complete me -

Feeling HW; FinestDream HW; Fendi HW & most important Scott McPhee.

Pic10847.jpg (314972 bytes) Pic10848.jpg (338540 bytes) Pic10849.jpg (377508 bytes)

Pic10850.jpg (353061 bytes)

Finalist HW is a blessing.

His training is Superb!

He’s a pleasure to ride and a complete sweet heart.

I am excited to continue our new journey together.

Dealing with HorsesWorldWide (www.HWfarm.com) for the the purchase was a great experience.

Finalist HW head1.jpg (3015541 bytes)

Blessed! Thank you Carol McPhee and Scott McPhee, Fendi HW (one of the 5 HW horses purchased sight unseen), is their "farm logo model" and those shirts are to die for.

Pic10663.jpg (791974 bytes)

Pic10662.jpg (1406444 bytes)

Brookhaven’s Patriarch Finnegan welcoming the newest addition to the team! Excited to have Blind Date HW in the barn! This one is really Mary’s horse!!! Thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for making this purchase so easy and Guido Klatte and Belinda Trussel for taking such great care of her in her quarantines!! If you’re looking to meet your next partner, and don’t want to travel during Covid, you can trust Horses Worldwide and Irene!!

Jacqueline Brooks (Two Time Canadian Olympian)

Pic10659.jpg (331573 bytes)

Laura Graves: Nothing says fall is here like cooler temperatures and autumn decor! We are still waiting on the cooler weather but celebrating anyway with SenSation HW and his new double bridle from @dressagecollections Completely custom and ergonomic. Nothing but the best for this boy.

4094EE00-0DED-4A7D-901B-4857D90883A3.JPG (547606 bytes)

Our first outing in almost a year and a half. It was an honor to ride with such a master in our sport, Charles De Kunffy, I’m very grateful for the experience. Fin (FineStep HW) was so good, he put my worry about being stagnant for a while to rest. I’m so grateful to have this fantastic horse. Thank you for raising such super horses and for the opportunity to have such a super boy in my life. Lisa Rush

IMG_0239.JPG (195807 bytes)


BestMan HW being a playboy in the field, he is truly a unicorn! Rachael Shelton

IMG_0134.JPG (143370 bytes) IMG_0135.JPG (146296 bytes) IMG_0136.JPG (161266 bytes)

Some days I still can’t believe that she is mine ... #BellaRoyalHW #unicorn Kimberley Rene Dougherty

Pic10356.jpg (324291 bytes)

It is coming up to 2 years since I purchased Francisco HW. This big beautiful boy is the perfect combination of power under saddle with an in your pocket personality on the ground. Trainer Hank Hutson has this to say.... “Hats off to your trainers and handlers that gave him such a great start as a sport horse. He has three beautiful gaits and is naturally forward, supple, and balanced. This is a big time horse with much to offer. He loves his work and is so exciting to ride..... a happy, FUN, horse.”

Thanks Irene/HWfarm for the selection and handling of quality, well bred babies that have so much potential for the sport and for making the purchase/import process so easy! Can’t wait to see what is to come with this boy! Nancy Ruth

88248302_3332757566741656_8435483638140764160_o.jpg (195544 bytes)

Meanwhile Sandro aka Special Edition HW  confirms his work for the Grand Prix.

For 11 years by my side I can only be proud of you my pony love.

Original text: Pendant ce temps Sandro aka Special Edition HW  confirme sereinement son travail pour le Grand Prix. Depuis 11 ans à mes côtés, je ne peux être que fière de toi mon Amour de poney Sandrine Trillat The Stable : Dressage French Riviera



Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) and I had fun dressing up and playing in the field today we are so lucky to be at such a beautiful place, true Canadian paradise! Thanks so much Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold Finley continues to exceed all of our expectations we adore him!! Janine Little

FiftyShades HW Janine Little1.jpg (750638 bytes) FiftyShades HW Janine Little2.jpg (1031069 bytes) FiftyShades HW Janine Little3.jpg (915904 bytes)

Kimberley Rene Dougherty recommends www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -.

I bought two mares (She's Magic HW and Bella Royal HW) from Irene ...both sight unseen purchases although with Irene’s help I felt like I already knew who they were before they even stepped foot in the USA. These horses are meticulously handled from birth and it shows. Both of my mares confidently and smoothly adjusted to their new life here with me. Irene goes above and beyond during the process and stays in touch after. She is always thrilled to hear about their progress and development. Don’t hesitate to contact her regarding her current horses for sale !

Carol McPhee recommends www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -.

I am 100 % In love and happy with my 5HW’s that I have purchased from the 1st Fendi HW in 2015 to my 5th FinestDream HW in 2019. The complete experience from start to finish to regular follow-up on all the progress and making sure I’m still happy with them. Irene and her staff doesn’t just sell a horse - she breeds, raises, hand picks foals, develops them with a solid foundation for the new owners to continue successfully. All of mine where purchased sight unseen and would do it again and highly recommend others to have the same confidence. Also I have been able to gain new friends who also have purchased HW's  as we follow and support each other. I couldn’t imagine not having my HW's (Fendi HW aka Tall, Dark & Handsome; SenSation HW aka Black Pearl & dance partner with Laura Graves; Feeling HW aka Fitz my horse and FinestDream HW aka Dante the best 5yo Diva Gelding. (only sold one Franziskus HW because he was a bit too tall for me and is a perfect match with his new mom (Allison Weick). So any of you doubters - don’t doubt- believe as these horses are amazing!

Pic10134.jpg (242841 bytes)

On the days I can’t fly... he makes me happy, BestMan HW aka BOSS

Rachael Shelton

Pic10126.JPG (465583 bytes)

Last week my grandparents “aka Dior HW's owners” got to meet their special horse for the first time and see me ride for the first time in about 7 years. It was a moment I started to fear would never happen but it did! They loved him and were so proud of the progress we’ve made since he was a lanky four year old. I can’t wait for them to hopefully see him succeed in the show ring and stand proud of their granddaughter and her mighty steed. Kassidy Peacock

Pic10018.jpg (820960 bytes)

 Nancy Smith posted: This weekend was a big milestone for Damon’s Design HW. We completed a six year journey from buying him as a four-year-old and showing him this weekend and his first developing Grand Prix where he scored a 67%! All in all, a fantastic weekend and Wellington! I am forever grateful for the support that I have from the best owner ever, Sarah Bushong-Weeks and Mary Anne who is the wind beneath my wings!

Pic9958.jpg (496697 bytes)

Santacruz Dressage, King Santacruz posted: We are so happy how FirstEdition HW is developing! “Nobby” is a 5 year old Hanoverian gelding (Fuerst Romancier x Bundeschampion Fidermark) owned by Kim & Danny Rogers of Old Oyster Pond Farm. Old Oyster Pond Farm says: We’re so proud of him, thank you!

image.png (3965526 bytes) Pic9886.jpg (921803 bytes)

Janine Little posted: The beautiful and amazing portrait of Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) by Nancy Gaudreault

Pic9881.jpg (457457 bytes)

Donna Gatchell posted the following:

This memory popped up!! Karen. 7 years!!! Wow!!! What a fantastic journey .... on our way to the GP. Thank you Irene at HWfarm horses!!! I remember you made this buying experience so great!!!

Tara Stegen is feeling grateful: I am grateful I own Gatsby HW and very grateful I have a great coach. Life looks bright with my future star for 2021 @ FEI.

IMG_7301.jpeg (346125 bytes)

DeNaldi HW with my son this morning, one in a million baby horse!!!!

Nadine Schwartsman

Pic9629.jpg (931622 bytes)

Brianna Zwilling posted: Very Handsome Denarius HW "Ari” (D'Grayson HW, owned by Christine Shreffler), such a special guy who loves to work and also be a harmonious dance partner. The future is bright! He is my buddy, such a special soul. Kind and an amazing desire to work with me!

I just love him! Every time I go to get on he reaches around and wants a hug before starting work. He's an absolute dream!!

Pic9611.jpg (446238 bytes)

My beautiful FinestDream HW aka Dante - was amazing today working in the open field. His big natural gaits he has learned to balance in the sandbox and is now learning to go up and down the small inclines. Excited for our future.

Carol McPhee

- Photo Credit Stacy Lynn Equine Photography

Pic9603.jpg (418779 bytes)

Pitu HW - more wonderful news. He has been on loan at Lendon Gray's youth rider WIT program in Wellington for the past two months. His rider Mimi Hoffman did a great job of working hard and having fun. Win/win. His mommy Emily Rodger Barber is excited to have him back home soon, she said: Best pony ever

Francisco HW's mom, Nancy Ruth sent this cute picture and said:

Hank Hutson loves him as do I! He has such a presence and is so handsome!

IMG_5821.jpeg (318913 bytes)

For the last couple decades, I have been importing young horses from my favorite broker, and I have been immensely pleased with my purchases. I have also admired the many quality horses advertised by HW, but was entirely content in my own comfort zone.

Then, one day this stunning face showed up on my feed, and I just couldn’t resist! Welcome to the family, SATISFACTION HW! The entire purchase from start to finish was an extraordinary example of professionalism. I wired the purchase price, and this beautiful, talented, absolute gentleman showed up on my doorstep on schedule. He is everything and more than advertised. In addition to the excellent customer service throughout the sale, I feel I have also gained a new friend in Irene! She has kept in constant communication, wanting to hear updates and details on my continued “Satisfaction:)” with my purchase! I would do it again in a heartbeat, and would highly recommend HW to anyone shopping. Look for great things from SATISFACTION HW in the future! Sincerely, Pamela Aide, Keystone Sport Horse Center

Pic9467.jpg (1370376 bytes)

Hi everybody! I wanted to catch you up on life here at Spoiled Rotten Ranch. I'm one of the family now and everyone loves me, except for the cats who are afraid of me :). My friend Paloma is CRAZY about me and cries and cries and cries when she can't see me. I guess I have that effect on girls . . . Mom calls me Batman because I'm black and my ears curl together at the top like bat wings - and I'm her superhero. Sometimes she lets me mow the grass. When I get older I can mow more. I think that's the job I'm really cut out for. I'm in velvet now and people love to touch me because I'm so soft. I have a new bridle and it has a party head band that I'm pretty sure are REAL DIAMONDS. I can't wear it yet - it's only for parties. I'm starting to relax in my work - I think everything is going to be OK. Boy can I walk - like a runway model. Sometimes if I have a little fright I do half steps. And when I play in my paddock I'll try a pirouette. I like to tease Mom and Dad :) They have carrots, apples and when I'm really good - jelly beans. It didn't take me long to figure out who the candy dispenser was. But best of all everyone loves me and I get lots of hugs and kisses. I miss you guys but I really like it here. I hope you all have a wonderful 2020! Nicker, nicker, Batman (ForDiamond HW)

1_1_2020.jpg (665283 bytes)


Centerline Stables, NY

Yowza! We welcome Kim Roger's stunning 4 year old Hanoverian gelding, First Edition HW to the Centerline-Stable this winter! We are honored that she's sent him here for training with our coach and trainer David Collins! This exquisite face also has the dreamy athleticism and temperament that we all hope for! Welcome Kim and "Nobby" and thank you for coming and entrusting his care and training with us!

Ally Fox is with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

Fendi HW

Thank you so much Carol McPhee and Scott McPhee for once again for giving me the opportunity to ride Fendi and to be able to learn so much from him. I can’t wait to see what next show season has in store for us. Photo credit Stacy Lynne Wendkos

Pic9194.jpg (376888 bytes)


Carol McPhee: This is my “heart" horse. Feeling HW aka Fitz - photo credits Stacy Lynne Equine Photography

Feeling HW Carol1.jpg (433103 bytes) Feeling HW Carol2.jpg (383581 bytes)


FinestDream HW - love this 4 year old, photo credits Stacy Lynne Equine Photography

FinestDream HW Carol1.jpg (312038 bytes)

FinestDream HW Carol2.jpg (431157 bytes) FinestDream HW Carol3.jpg (345675 bytes)


Thankful to all our customers - we love what we do!

ForDiamond HW’s parents said/sent the following:

IMG_4076.jpeg (364565 bytes)

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel: I am completely in love with the young mare. What a horse!!

Kimberley Rene Dougherty posted: Sometimes a real live unicorn shows up in your life .... two weeks ago this lady showed up and stole all of our hearts ... BellaRoyal HW, aka Blümchen or Unicorn

Pic9110.jpg (347614 bytes)

Everyday is a journey but with you (Dior HW) by my side we can conquer anything…next year has some big milestones coming our way! #Diorhw #hwfarms #myrideordie #psgherewecome #futurefeihorse #babyhorseisgrowingup #journey #togetherwecanconquertheworld

Kassidy Peacock

Pic9089.jpg (321064 bytes)


Hi everybody,

Sorry I haven't written sooner but I've been very busy. I'm starting to settle in and it's not so bad here! I have a big sand paddock that I roll in a lot, and I can run and play if I want to but mostly I stand in the shade (we have to look out for our coats) at the fence next to my friend Paloma and we eat hay. I like the hay and food here. Mom is kind of stingy with the grain right now, but she PROMISES I'll get more.

The neighbor's sheep come to see me every day and I have my own cat. Today we are going for a walk around the property. I haven't seen much yet, but I suspect I'll get to see where Mom and Dad will be working me and where I'll get to show off.

Have to go now - the sheep are coming.

Love you,

ForDiamond HW

ps - mom will send pictures after my bath

pps - they love me a lot

I purchased my new horse FirstEdition HW at the end of August. He flew out on my 50th birthday which was so special for me. What a birthday gift!

I cannot say enough about this young horse! He is sweet, outgoing, sensible, forgiving and brave. This horse is the real deal. He is everything that Irene promised and more. I am an adult amateur who has not ridden seriously in over ten years. He has been a perfect gentleman for me under saddle and on the ground.

He has a great feel in the bridle, is easy to sit and is responsive without being overly sensitive. This horse was started right. I bought him sight unseen and am thrilled that I did! He truly is my dream horse.

I am not typically a risk taker but felt comfortable with the purchase thanks to Irene. She talked me through all of the steps and was always available to answer questions. The customer service was absolutely amazing! Irene and HW Farm have a loyal customer....I would not hesitate to buy another horse from them in the future.

Kim Rogers, at Martha's Vineyard

Love my GATSBY HW, very proud of my Gatsby HW.

He is qualified for Regionals and has only shown 8 times, grown 2.5 inches since January and went up a shoe size to a European 4. All as a 5yr Westphalian baby. He has the best attitude and is super in the show ring. I cannot not speak enough of the ground work and beginning riding down by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and her team at Horses Worldwide (HWfarm). Tara Stegen

And the best part is I still haven’t ask for all that he could give me.



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