FirstChoice HW
So Fine HW
Vivat Gold HW
Sir Dynamic HW
Eleven HW
Eminence HW
FiveStars HW
Bezos Boy HW
QuiteFine HW
Secret Love HW
Que  Será HW
Frederic HW
Dream Gold HW
Valerius HW
Don Dimaggio HW
Dempsey HW
Vitano HW
Fuerst HW
BonFire HW
Secret Affaire HW
EsQuire HW
Don Fidermark HW
Don Deluxe HW
BonBon HW
BestFriend HW
Zonik Hit HW
BeMyHit HW
Frankly HW
Sir Donnermark HW
Magnificent HW
Blind Date HW
Sommersby HW
Finalist HW
Vimeo HW
Vogue HW
Dante HW
D'Grayson HW
in alphabetical Order
2 Late_34
2 Late_33
2 Late_32
2 Late_31
2 Late_30
2 Late_29
2 Late_28
2 Late_27
2 late_26
2 late_25
2 Late_24
2 Late_23
2 Late_22
2 Late_21
2 Late_20
2 Late_19
2 Late_18
2 Late_17
2 Late_16
2 Late_15
2 Late_ 14
2 Late_13
2 Late_ 12
2 Late_ 11
2 Late_10
2 Late_9
2 Late_8
2 Late_7
2 Late_ 6
2 Late_5
2 Late_ 4
2 Late_ 3
2 Late_ 2
2 Late_1



FirstChoice HW Fantastic FEI candidate, pretty and successful all around.
So Fine HW Fancy, small and superb future FEI star!

Collage.jpeg (99127 bytes)


Vivat Gold HW Superb future FEI star, fancy boy, he is the full package

collage.jpg (100372 bytes)


Sir Dynamic HW Definite FEI prospect, already at 3rd level, successfully shown, multiple victories and scores up to 8.6.

collage.JPG (324743 bytes)


Eleven HW Rideability at it's finest, willing, smart and winner of the 50 day stallion test, FEI - here we come!
Eminence HW International quality gaits, superb airtime, true FEI candidate, up and coming Super Star!
FiveStars HW Outstanding FEI candidate, phenomenal bloodlines, looks and movement!

Collage.JPG (111350 bytes)


Bezos Boy HW Multi talented young star, dressage or over jumps, he loves it all!

Collage.JPG (126945 bytes)


Quite Fine HW Super bloodlines and looks, amazing movement!

Secret Love HW Mesmerizing all around, a stunning, definite FEI prospect

Collage.JPG (149735 bytes)


Que Será HW Sweet, super pretty, best genes, lofty movement, definite FEI prospect, at 3rd level.

Collage.JPG (99947 bytes)


Frederic HW


Fancy, superb future FEI star, at 3rd level!!

CollageJPG.JPG (136792 bytes)


Dream Gold HW Fancy gentleman, FEI prospect, radiant type, lots of presence, and movement.

collage.JPG (127841 bytes)


Valerius HW FEI candidate, super sweet, well balanced, fancy mover!

Collage.jpeg (143319 bytes)


Valerius HW trot1.jpeg (769336 bytes)
Don Dimaggio HW Black with chrome, future FEI ride, fancy, fancy, fancy.

Collage.JPG (106134 bytes)


Don Dimaggio HW trot1.jpeg (144250 bytes)
Dempsey HW Amazingly easy collection, superb future FEI star!

Collage.jpg (38764 bytes)


Vitano HW Superb future FEI star, easy to ride and tons of fun!

Collage.jpg (41300 bytes)


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