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Secret Desire HW, pitch black Westphalian gelding, by the powerful, dynamic BundesChampion, Vice World Champion Secret/Champion Desperados, born in 2019, standing approximately 168 cm or 16.2 hands.

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Secret Desire HW, like father, like son, nearly a clone to his famous sire Secret , the 2020 Bundeschampion and outstanding National German 6yo Champion, as well as World Champion for young dressage horses Ermelo 2019 -Secret  - an exceptional horse and even Vice World Champion!

Secret and his rider Jessica Lynn Thomas delivered a spectacular first round in the qualification of the five-year-old dressage horses. They received an 8.8 for the permeability, the step 9.5, the gallop 9.7, the perspective 9.8 and even 9.9 for the trot. All in all, this gave a total result of 9.54 points and the victory was not to be taken from the two. In the final, Secret had to give up just under 0.02 points, despite a further increase. The pair won the silver medal of the five-year-old dressage horses with 9.64 points. The judge's comment: "A fantastic horse! Always in the flow, always easy. It is a pleasure to judge such a horse. "

In terms of breeding, the descendants of the Secret also seamlessly linked to his father's success in 2019. Country after country was heard from his descendants. In the far north, in Schleswig-Holstein, Secret set one of the price peaks at the Glanz and Gloria auction in Delingsdorf with € 21,000. In Verden, Status Quo was one of the most sought-after youngsters at € 25,000. With the appropriate name Somebody to Dance, Secret was also among the price peaks in Münster on the occasion of the Westphalia Week. In Vechta, Serge Gainsbourg triumphed as the most expensive foal in 2019 with a hammer price of 150,000 euros. The price structure was followed by Secret Emperor, another son of the Secret. This went to Austria for € 42,000.

And also in the south of Germany in Nörtlingen, it was once again a subsidiary of our Secret, which was one of the top prices of the auction with a hammer price of € 25,000. The fact that his offspring are also in demand abroad was demonstrated by a filly from Secret, which took the reserve winner classification of dressage-stressed filly at the Swiss Sport Foal Championships and then found a new owner with a surcharge of 28,000 francs (about 25,000 €). In the Netherlands it was the colt with the appropriate name - One to Remember- that became the top foal in the auction at € 22,000

"The highlight of the day comes from Schwaiger and bears the appropriate name Sensation, from Secret - Fürst Grandios. A colt with a value of 9.67 (type / stature: 10, exterior / correctness: 9, movement: 10) really leaves nothing to be desired and makes words superfluous. "This is how the Austrian Horse Breeding Association described its winning foal 2019.

Secret easily met the expectations placed on him. He completed his 14-day test in Schlieckau with a dressage final score of 9.5. He was able to shine again at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf, where he was only named Vice Bundeschampion due to the rider marks.

No more words need be said about father Sezuan, the celebrated triple world champion of young dressage horses. The mother line of the Secret, line 853 of the Sudette, produced numerous internationally represented performance horses. Already 38 other licensed stallions originate from this dam line. As the dam's sire, we find St. Moritz, which has only been well remembered at our station, and which, due to the fact that it was too short to work at Gestüt WM, produced a whole range of interesting, sporty and successful offspring. The maternal pedigree is rounded off by the proven successful combination of the Celler state stud stallions Rotspon, Argentan, Woermann and Lugano. Another flagship of this mother line is the Bundeschampion of five-year-old dressage horses and world champion of six-year-old dressage horses Lordwoods Dancing Diamond. Due to the genetic blood combination of the top class in this flagship pedigree, coupled with the high level of commitment of this rough diamond, we offer today's savvy dressage horse breeder a very special offer.


Secret Desire HW's dam is by the famous stallion Desperados, who can look back on huge successes: After winning the 2010 German Dressage Derby in Hamburg, spectacular highlights followed in 2011 & 2012. Under his rider, Kristina Sprehe, he dominated the show in Oldenburg in Grand Prix as well as the Grand Prix Special. The couple left all competitors behind in the Piaff Sponsorship Prize, and were also awarded the Otto Löhrke Prize by the German Equestrian Olympic Committee. In December 2011, they were appointed members of the German dressage championship team, and in 2012, the Hanoverian Verband bestowed the honor of Grande Prize upon the stallion before he and the young Kristina went on to team bronze at the Olympic Games in London.

Key points of his career: Desperados was a premium stallion at the Hanoverian December licensing in 2004 in Verden. He had already taken his 30-day test in Schlieckau, finishing with the highest scores (including a 9.5 for his canter and a 9.0 from both of the guest riders). Numerous victories in tests for young riding horses, including the 2004 Hanoverian Championships in Verden as well as bronze twice at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf in 2004 and 2005. Selectively further trained, he won and placed amongst the best in St. Georg and Intermédiaire I in Hamburg and Neumünster under Falk Rosenbauer. In 2009, the duo successfully competed in the Final of the Nürnberg Burg Pokal. In 2010, Desperados not only won the German Derby but also a qualifier in the Medien Cup, and then placed in the Final.

In breeding, Desperados is a sure thing. Destano, Derby Dancer and Double Joy were the first of his sons to be licensed in 2009. 2010 was no different: In Verden, his sons Decurio (premium stallion) and Download were licensed. In Zweibrücken, Dream Diamond, and in Westphalia another Desperados son also stole the show.

But the most convincing offspring right now is his daughter, Doris Day, who became the Hanoverian Champion in Verden with Hermann Burger and Bundeschampion in Warendorf. Several daughters have received a States Premium and according to the German FN's predicted breeding value statistics, Desperados immediately became established among the top five percent of all German stallions with 144 points.

His offspring are born with good looks, good type and very good movements and the many foal shows and auctions in Germany have had absolutely top foals in their collections. His son Desert Storm was the star of the foal collection at the Fall Elite Auction in Vechta, selling to Switzerland for 28,500 Euros. In Verden, a filly was sold for 26,000 Euros.

The black Hanoverian stallion De Niro won the I-a main premium in Oldenburg in 1997 for his own record in sport and the quality of his first crop. By the time De Niro was seven, he made a successful debut in the Grand Prix dressage ring and later collected numerous first place ribbons in Nations Cups, the German Dressage Derby and at the German Championships for Professional Riders. In 2008 he was bestowed a special honor: the "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year" award. His dam, Wie Musik, is by Wolkenstein II. This chestnut stallion was the Reserve Champion of the 1992 licensing in Verden, 1993 Bundeschampion of German Riding Horses in Mannheim and won his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1993.

A full sister of his dam Wie Musik, named Wie Platine, took third place in the 2001 Bundeschampionat for German riding horses. Through Matcho AA and Pik König you find heroes from the traditional Oberndorf Station on the dam's side of the pedigree. The black, French Anglo-Arabian stallion, Matcho AA, won his stallion performance test and is a sire of pronounced versatility. Pik König, the fourth link in his chain of ancestors, has gained a reputation as a maker of dressage horses and show jumpers of the very first order. The Hanoverian dam line 53/Foersaci (by Förstergruß I-Lorenz-Amandus-Lorval-Alpenprinz-Julius-Süd-Y. Gameboy) is also the origin of the licensed stallions Condiro (State Stud Warendorf), Don Marcello (private stallion Hanover), Don Placido (AUT), Foster, Limonit and Mister A (both State Stud Celle), Londontower (private stallion Mecklenburg), Moseltal and Rocko Barocko (private stallion Mecklenburg) as well as the successful show jumpers Akrobat/Henrike Konzag and Rosalinde/Eric Lamaze/CDN.

Desperados :


Secret Desire HW, proven quality, he was a licensed stallion, now gelded and he is of true International quality, his super ride ability and talent, combined with his excellent training, promise a bright future. In addition, beautiful doesn't even start to describe the looks of this willing young star.

Super fancy small head, attractive stallion neck and a sexy body to match. He's a total dream come true! A super model who will steal your heart in no time. This gentleman is having fun with his exercises and is solid at 2nd level, already scoring up to 8.1.

Secret Desire HW has superb "Grundschwung", suppleness and his suspension is marvelous. Steady rhythm, already well balanced and he truly works his heart out, every single time.

He is light in the bridle, easy to sit. Part of his phenomenal heritage are the best competition genes possible, good, old, very strong dam and sire lines, a near guarantee for success. His pedigree reads like the Who's Who.

The very active hind leg pushes him up, supports superior lift of the whole body and will be the ideal start for a good piaffe and passage, just check how far he reaches under, his canter is lofty and uphill, amazing trot, free shoulder, combined with a clean, rhythmic, reaching walk, outstanding quality movement all around.

This special boy, just floats above the ground, with his great temperament, sweet character, he will climb up the levels with ease and fun. All exercises come naturally to him, as he has the built, movement and athleticism to do it all.

Secret Desire HW will put a spell on you, with his soft eyes and in no time, you'll be in love with one of the prettiest horses available. The judges love him due to his expression and "show me" attitude, take him to shows and collect your ribbons. Show him off at clinics and get yourself noticed. Not many stallions get licensed in Germany, this boy made it all the way through, but for international travel and competitions, it’s easier as a gelding.

Stallion station Holkenbrink is standing his full brother Secret Game, those brothers couldn't be more similar to each other.

Secret Desire HW will fulfill your dreams, he will collect ribbons with ease, high point and more, here we come. Looking for a puppy dog mentality, in your pocket attitude gentleman, with FEI potential? You found him!

The goal of HW Farm is, to offer highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

X-rays on file!

US $80,000 to $150,000 - Including import and quarantine to NY, check out his video clip!!!

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Secret Desire HW Secret Sezuan Zack Rousseau
Don Romina Don Shufro
Seline St. Moritz Sandro Hit
Royal Star Rotspon
St.Pr.St. Danina Desperados De Niro Donnerhall
St.Pr. Wie Musik Wolkenstein II
Verb.Pr.St. Haja His Highness Hohenstein
St.Pr. Daireen
St.Pr.St. Farina Florestan I


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