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Magic Diva
First Macho
Easy to Spot


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Magic Diva Take a look at this very pretty 5 year old De Niro/Figaro/Alvaro daughter. DENIRO5.JPG (59652 bytes)
First Macho

A dream stallion for all your dressage needs!

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Witz Showstar for dressage, schooling 2ís already! 01379_Pic0_Waltrano.jpg (31778 bytes)
Falki    improved2.JPG (312844 bytes)
Accent Congratulations to Allison from Chicago to the purchase of this wonderful boy, good luck and have fun climbing up the FEI levels!  
Legacy Congratulations to Gina Maki-Clark in Wisconsin on the purchase of a huge mover and we hope you'll climb up the levels with ease! PB160043.JPG (386668 bytes)
Easy to Spot Congratulations to the sweetest kid Ragan Rutland-Addy from South Carlina for the purchase of her perfect new show star, a team made in heaven!



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