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Fleur Rubin, bay Hanoverian mare by Florencio / Rubin Royal, born in 2007, standing approximately 16.2 hands.

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Fleur Rubin, is a stunning young horse by the famous sire Florencio. Already during the qualification round Florencio proofed his exceptional quality. Unimpressed with the downpours and the heavy ground of the test arena, he won confidently achieving 9.8 points each for the trot and for the canter, 9.5 for the walk as well as for the suppleness, and 9.7 for the overall impression which added up to a total score of 9.66. In the final test, the sire from Ludwig Kathmann's stallion station in Vechta-Holtrup did his role as the favorite candidate justice. Despite the strong wind which was blowing in the stadium in Verden, the young stallion concentrated exemplarily on the aids of his rider. The expressive trot, the picture-perfect canter as well as the rhythmic, ground-covering and calm walk impressed both the audience and the judges. The comment of judge Jenny Loriston-Clark from Great Britain brought it to the point: "What a wonderful horse."

Last year Florencio won the Westphalian Championship under Simon Drop, and at the German Championship in Warendorf he became vice-champion of the 4-year-old stallions.

Susanne Sanal from Kamen bred the Florestan I-son Florencio out of Walessa by Weltmeyer-Pik Bube I. Florencio was approved by the Oldenburg breeding association. Six of the foals from his first foal age class have been admitted so far for the 3rd Elite Foal Auction in Vechta on the 20th August 2004 at the Oldenburg Horse Centre in Vechta. He debuted as a sire at the 60th Oldenburg Elite Auction in April 2004: At that event a Florencio-son was sold for 10,000 Euros to Great Britain .

Florencio is undoubtedly a great gain for the dressage breeding. His unbelievable beauty in conjunction with his natural light, uphill movements makes him a revelation to every dressage lover. Florencio is a stallion who is bred for dressage from the cream of the crop of stud stallions in Westphalia and Hanoverian studbooks. He carries with him all the blood and expression necessary for dressage breeding.


Her dam sire is a stallion with a very magnetic personality. Rubin Royal is a performer and has the power to enchant his audiences. At the licencing for young stallions in 1999 he was awarded the I d-premium. He awed the judges with his brilliant type, sensational movement and great jumping qualities. Wherever Rubin Royal makes an appearance he is always welcomed with a spontaneous applause. His first offspring have already won young horse classes which justifies his 12th place in the German wide Breeding Evaluation List for dressage horses.

In 2000 Rubin Royal completed his stallion performance testing in Adelheidsdorf finishing in fourth place in Leistungsklasse 1, with great critical acclaim from the press. In all aspects of the testing he confirmed his abilities and talents with high scores. After the presentation of his first foals in 2001, Rubin Royal was undisputably awarded the 1 a-Main Premium Stallion in
Oldenburg . Rubin Royal, from Seiferts own breeding, is a great example of a multi-talented stallion. In 2001 Rubin Royal was introduced into the dressage competition sport and was quickly qualified for the Bundeschampionat for dressage horses. Since then, in partnership with Dieter Weichert, he has won Prix St. George, Intermediare 1 and has qualified for the Nürnberger Burgpokal finals.

Rubin Royal:  

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Fleur Rubin is a very ride able mare. She swings fluently through her back and is relaxed enough to let you sit her huge gaits. She is correctly started. She is a special horse, no doubt about it. She is forward but not hot and always elastic and easy to ride. Her gaits are way above average and she is easy to ride and manage. Her trot is expressive, her extensions breathtaking (remember how young she is!) and her canter is nice, round and uphill with a good motor. Not to forget her nice and rhythmic walk, she is an a well rounded athlete. She is one for GP and the FEI classes later on in life and a great prospect for the FEI young horse classes right now. Suitable for an amateur but definitely with the quality for a professional alike. Ridden by the girl in the video, she is fun every time out and a true partner at the same time. She is sweet in the barn and easy to handle. She stands for the farrier, loads and is behaving like a star. She will be a fun at horse shows and clinics alike and you can collect the ribbons with her and take her up the levels. You might also breed her via embryo transfer if you wish or after her competition time, she will give you quality offspring and would make a great addition to every brood mare band now or later. The pictures below show her right now as well as a foal – she was always a princess!  

Vetted with x-rays!

check out her video clip!!!

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