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CopyRight HW, Westphalian gelding by Camirez L/Charisma I, born in 2006, standing approximately 16.2 hands.

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CopyRight HW is by Camirez L, a Contender grandson and stallion test winner in 2004. He was also the winner of the 4yo class at the Westphalian-Championship week in 2005 with a score of 8.5. The dam SPS Cassandra by Charisma I absolved her mare test with 7.69 and 9.00 for free jumping.

CopyRight HW is a very elastic mover with lots of schwung and a free shoulder as well as a very good rhythm and balance, the perfect FEI horse for your future. He is really breathtaking and a super elegant horse. This is one for the "big tour" and international competitions. He has a very active hind leg and his canter and trot are of outstanding quality. He just floats and you barley hear him hit the ground. He has a clear rhythm in the walk with a good overstride. His under saddle work is always fun and he is doing really well with an amazing ride ability, a real diamond in the rough and a rare find. He goes back to the Jumper line Contender who is proving to be one of the most influential sons of Calypso II - who was himself an important transmitter of the genetic heritage of Cor de la BryŤre. CopyRight HW is bred for dressage and jumping alike and will excel in any discipline with ease.

He shows himself willing and forward without being too hot and has good nerves, an outstanding character and he is a very sweet boy. CopyRight HW will just need to look at you with his soft eyes and you are in love with one of the prettiest horses available. He has excellent markings and a very noble head! The judges will love him due to his expression and "show me" attitude, take him to shows and collect your ribbons. Show him off at clinics and get yourself noticed. He is fun all around and easy to manage in the stall and always strives for human attention. He is in daily training and progressing really nicely. This is an uncomplicated horse for everybody alike and he loves to learn new things and to please his handler and rider.

He will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his abilities and athletic built. The goal of HW Farm is, to find highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. This is one phenomenal horse to remember, buy him now and take him out to shows and clinics, he is ready for you. This one is a lover!


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