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Fürstin Caprice, dark bay Oldenburg mare by Fürst Heinrich (Florestan/Donnerhall)/Carprilli (Calypso/Argentinus), born in 2004, standing approximately 16.3 hands.

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 Fürstin Caprice is a prime example for the F-line breeding, with her sire being the famous and now deceased Fürst Heinrich (Florestan/Donnerhall), there will not be many more around. Fürst Heinrich was a stunning black Stallion. Winner of his 30 day test 2001, Main Premium Stallion 2002, World Champion 2003, Star Sire 2004. He won his test with the best scores for both dressage and jumping. In addition, she carries the famous Donnerhall blood, you can read more about them and see videos on their stallion sites. She inherited the elasticity and the loftyness of the gaits from her sire and for sure her ride ability. She goes back to Calypso and Argentinus on the dam site, whom are outstanding and famous stallions as well and well capable of jumping the highest jumps available. That said, she can go both ways, either dressage or jumping, the choice is yours. She just started her work and she is already very impressive, willing and has a good hindleg and a fancy front leg. Most of the times a girl rides her and she says she is absolute fun to ride every day. This said, she would be suitable for a good junior or young rider as well as for amateurs or professionals alike. She is forward but not hot and loves attention and enjoys to learn new things. She is good to sit and has a great mechanism in her movement, she is uphill and already well balanced. She will be a great horse for all disciplines and could either be later or now via embryo transfer also be a valuable broodmare. She will be in daily training and we are sure she will progress pretty fast and her price is subject to change with more training or future show success.  If you are searching a special mare with the potential to go up the levels, you just found her. She will impress the judges and the audience and she may be a great addition to a show barn looking for their next FEI star. This girl is special and waiting for her match to take her out and get some show mileage under her belt. Her temperament is really nice, suitable for amateurs as well as for professionals and she will make you proud with her attitude, movement and looks. Don’t miss out, she could be your dream girl!

 Ride now and breed via embryo transfer!

 Vetted with x-rays!

  check out her video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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